1 What the dealer should do if he did not receive his login credentials for the first time?
Dealer should make use of the “Resend Password” below useful links option in the home page
2 If the dealer faces error with his RC effective date, while doing Sign up, where will he confirm his RC effective date?
He can get his RC effective date from the dealer search option in the home page.
3 How will the dealer change the mail id and mobile number?
He can change the mail id and mobile number using “Edit dealer details” in his login.
1 How will the dealer get his TDN number?
Dealer  can get  TDN number by doing new registration for “Works Contractee” in his login itself before authenticating for e-services
2 I  have  added  a  additional  place  to  my  business  after  submitting  if  I  go  for  payment  it  is showing ‘Zero’?
After entering the details you have to add the details by clicking ‘ADD’ button. Then only system considered as a new place is added and will ask payment after submitting.
3 Is it possible to reuse the registration payment, once the registration has been rejected?
Yes, there is a provision to reuse the payment under e-payment option.
4 Can  dealer  do  amendment  for  both  Principal  place  of  business  and  additional  branch  of business in single amendment process?
No,  the  dealer  could  not  do  select  both  Principal  place  of  business  and  additional  branch  of business in single amendment process. He can do either Principle place or additional place.
5 How will the dealer change his principal place of business?
The  dealers  make  use  the  Change  of  principal  place  of  business in  the  “amend my  RC”  menu which is located below e-registration after authenticating his tax type.
6 Registration uploads calls for various mandatory inputs from dealers, some or not applicable / relevant.
Now many fields are modified as non-mandatory.
7 Is  it  possible  to  send  Mail  intimation/SMS  messages  to  more  than  one  person  for  a  single TIN?
System sends mail and SMS to mail ID and mobile number respectively only registered against TIN. And only one mail IDcan be tagged against one TIN. If we allow multiple  mail  ID against one  TIN  then  there  may  be  dispute  regarding  communication  received  from  CTD  to  dealers. Now mobile number is allowed to be tagged against any TIN.