Where I have to declare my Purchases in Tamilnadu Sales tax eCtax New Portal

Nature of transaction Annexures /       Base Form
Purchase Transactions :
Registered dealer purchase within state for 1st Schedule goods 1
Registered dealer purchase return within state for 1st schedule goods 5
Registered / Un-Registered dealer Net Purchase(Purchase – Return) relating to section 12 transcations within state for First & Second schedule goods. 3
Purchase from registered principal by agents for first schedule goods. 2
Net Purchase (Purchase – Return) for exempted goods /  from exempted seller 7
Registered/Un-registered delaer purchase within state for second schedule goods 4
Registered/Un-registered delaer purchase Return within state for second schedule goods 4
ITC Reversal 12
Local purchase for capital goods @ 5% 13 &14
Local purchase from componding dealer & below threshold dealer 6
Register/un-registered dealer Interstate purchase for First Schedule goods 8
Registered/un-registered dealer Interstate purchase return for First Schedule goods 9
Interstate stock transfer for branch/consignment (stock inward) 10
Import from other Countries including high sea Purchase by registered 11
Interstate purchase for exempted goods Base Form